Our Story

  • BriBec Group is a 13-year-old, full-service, privately held, electrical contracting company.
  • Based in Sterling, Va.  41 miles from the White House, Reagan National and the Pentagon. 27 miles from Dulles International airport. Satellite facilities in Fredericksburg.

Taking your business to the next level

  • Virginia S-corp, sole proprietorship established in 2010
  • Business licenses: Virginia, Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania
  • Projects: over 300 completed projects in Virginia, Maryland, DC, NJ, PA, Arkansas, Missouri, Florida and New Mexico
  • Divisions:   Industrial, Commercial, Residential/Multi-family, 24/7 Service

Brian Colson

President & Owner

Brian, a proud native of Virginia, stands as the licensed master electrician in four states and the driving force behind BriBec Group as its founder, owner, and dedicated CEO. With an illustrious career spanning over 25 years, he has left his mark on a diverse array of high-profile projects across more than a dozen countries.

In a previous chapter of his professional journey, Brian embarked on a path of exceptional service, commencing at a young age with the Diplomatic Security Division of the US Overseas Building Operations (OBO). There, he played a pivotal role in engineering and implementing electrical and OSP systems in challenging environments, including war zones, for US Embassies in countries such as Venezuela, Algeria, Tajikistan, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Japan, Philippines, Lome, Germany, Belize, Jamaica, and China. His commitment to excellence extended further as he traveled extensively, contributing his expertise to diverse commercial and private business concerns in numerous other nations.

The essence of Bribec’s team reflects Brian’s own character – an unwavering intensity and a wealth of high-pressure experience that imbue each project with a sense of vital importance.

In the year 2010, Brian embarked on the entrepreneurial journey of a lifetime, founding Bribec from the ground up. Personally involved in the recruitment of every team member, he has steered the company through its nascent stages to evolve into the thriving enterprise it stands as today. Brian’s leadership has been instrumental in shaping Bribec’s trajectory, showcasing his innate ability to transform vision into reality and create a lasting impact in the commercial electrical contracting domain.


BriBec Group is dedicated to being the preferred electrical contractor for commercial builders, home builders, property managers, and homeowners. Our mission extends beyond client satisfaction – we aim to be the employer of choice for skilled electricians, fostering a work environment that values expertise and innovation.


Our vision propels us forward with a commitment to continual learning, adaptation, and the integration of cutting-edge technologies. Striving for excellence in all aspects, we ensure our growth is measured and sustainable, never compromising the personalized service our clients expect. Our employees are the cornerstone of our success, and we want them to thrive in a workplace that prioritizes their well-being and professional development.


Customer Centricity

Our foremost objective is to provide value-added services that make us the contractor of choice for builders and property owners seeking top-notch electrical solutions. We build enduring relationships by consistently delivering superior service, fostering trust and confidence that result in long-term partnerships.

Safety First

We cultivate a culture where safety takes precedence, extending our commitment to the well-being of our employees, subcontractors, clients, and community. Our unwavering dedication to safety includes ongoing improvements, leadership in safety practices, and the promotion of comprehensive safety measures.


We are built on the pillars of honesty, respect, and trust. We forge lasting connections with our clients, employees, and the community by upholding the highest ethical standards. Every member of the BriBec team is expected to embody these principles in their work and interactions.

Employee Growth

Recognizing our employees as invaluable assets, BriBec Group invests in their dedication by offering opportunities for training, development, promotions, and professional advancement. We foster an environment that encourages personal and career growth, ensuring that our team members thrive.

Excellence in Work

Striving for the pinnacle of quality and efficiency, BriBec Group relentlessly pursues improvement in our team and processes. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations, setting the benchmark for outstanding electrical services in the industry.

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